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I offer a limited number of manuscript consultations a year. I bring my skills as a poetry editor and as a teacher with 24 years of experience. Your manuscript will receive deep and attentive consideration with a response highly-tuned to your individual voice and purpose.

I have a master’s in English Education with a focus on the teaching of writing from Columbia University, and I am currently earning my MFA at Vermont College of Fine Arts. However, my strongest recommendation comes from my own success as a poet. I published three award-winning poetry manuscripts without an MFA and without any connection to the literary community beyond my own local community in Central New York. I understand the frustrations of working alone and the desire to have feedback from an outside source.

Payment is due at the beginning of the consultation via Paypal, but I will not withdraw the funds until the work is completed. Expect me to hold onto your work for 3-4 weeks.

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Intensive Critique:

A critique begins with a close reading of the work as a whole to first understand what the manuscript wants to be in terms of theme, arc, and language. I will then reread and provide extensive notes throughout the manuscript. These notes may address diction, titles, line, sound, structure, weaker/stronger poems, order/sections, punctuation, cohesion, and imagery.  The critique will also include a 2-3 page letter that reflects on the strengths of the manuscript and makes suggestions for future revision.

The right service for you depends upon the length of your work:

Full Manuscript

Intensive critique of a book-length manuscript (under 70 pages). Includes all of the elements described under “Intensive Critique.”



A full intensive line-by-line critique of a chapbook (30 pages or under). Includes all of the elements described under “Intensive Critique.”


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