Interviews & Recordings

Jessica Cuello: Does the Lyrical “I” Lie?

On Hunger and Silence: A Conversation Between Jessica Cuello and Shanta Lee: Dec. 2022.

Harbor Review

Phosphorescence Poetry Reading Series: Sept. 2022

Tell It Slant Poetry Festival

Artwork consisting of red paper with multicolored dotes of paint
Artwork by Paula Overbay

Of Poetry

Jessica Cuello is interviewed by fellow poet Han VanderHart for the Of Poetry podcast.

Caffè Lena Reading, Nov. 2021

Cuello reads from Liar live at the famous Caffè Lena.

Interview with Nancy Chen Long

A 2015 interview about My Father’s Bargain with Nancy Chen Long.

Cuello holding lilacs in a car

Writers on Writing

A conversation between Jessica Cuello and Jenna Le on craft and whales.

People and Their Poems

The Notebooks Collective

Discussion and Reading with poet Jan Beatty

Hudson Valley Writers Center, Sept. 2021

Cuello reads from LIAR alongside Major Jackson and Peter Filkins for Hudson Valley Writers Center.

Writers & Books, Nov. 2020

Cuello reads at Writers & Books as part of their Visiting Author Series.

Leaning tree and sunlight behind author who has hands in her pocket and hair down

The Campbell Conversations

Cuello, along with Christopher Citro, Georgia Popoff, and Arthur Flowers, reads on WRVO’s Campbell Conversations in May 2020.

Writers & Books, March 2020

Cuello reads from Hunt for the Writers & Books Literary Partners event.

SUNY Adirondack Spring Writers Project

Cuello reading from Hunt at SUNY Adirondack in 2017.

Ethel the deer

Wells Visiting Writers

Cuello reads from Pricking at Wells College in 2016. Video here.