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Cover of Yours, Creature: Munch's painting Madonna, a bare-chested woman with long, dark hair with a creepy small creature in the bottom corner.

YOURS, CREATURE, forthcoming May 2023! Preorder here: @Bookshop ; @Amazon

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“Cuello navigates themes of creation, violence, grief, transformation, and lineage. These are heart-wrenching missives that unfurl with exquisite monstrosities.” — Simone Muench

Cover of Liar: painting of a girl in front of a field

LIAR, Barrow Street, 2021

“A highly original vision, voice, concept, style, language and image all working together to produce a world inside our world. Filled with fire and violence, mystery and magic, the loneliness of laundromats, rented houses, suicide, cornfields, hunger, and ultimately a naked raw survival, ‘charred walls pulled back from the frame.’” — Dorianne Laux

The cover of Hunt. An abstract painted white whale emerges from the water below the title, written in red. You can see its mouth and teeth.

HUNT, The Word Works, 2017

“What if, dear Reader, pursuit’s fierce law—to hunt what flees, to kill what is killable, to silence forever what cannot exactly speak for itself—could cast its dark line around itself and halt the maddened chase…What peace would then arise? Who would speak then in the ocean’s haunted reciprocities? One voice might say: “What you’ve done / to me you’ve done to you.” So speaks a hunted whale in Jessica Cuello’s deep dive into Melville’s waters.”  — Dan Beachy-Quick

The book cover of Pricking. The cover is solid dark purple and has a small illustrated anatomical heart on the right side.

Pricking, Tiger Bark Press, 2016

“Eloquent clarity and precision combine with lyrical understatement to give Cuello’s poems a haunting resonance and make religious history and its consequence for women’s lives immediate, disturbing, and poignant.” — Janice Harrington

Cover of By Fire. A woman with golden hair and a sunburst halo around her head stands on a blue-white field before a red sun and two trees.

By Fire, Hyacinth Girl Press, 2013

Curie, Kattywompus Press, 2011