April 2021: The New Ohio Review has digitized “My Babysitter Karen B Who Was Sent to Willard Asylum” for their Winter 2020 Exclusive. Includes a new voice recording.

March 2021: “The Sitters” received an Honorable Mention for the 2021 RHINO Founder’s Prize, selected by Ed Roberson.


Jessica Cuello painting a room purple.

December 2020: Journal Nine has published a new “Dear Mother” poem from the Mary Shelley cycle.

November 2020: Dorianne Laux has selected Jessica Cuello’s manuscript, Liar, as the winner of the 2020 Barrow Street Book Prize!

November 2020: “The Girl God” appears in Image journal.

November 2020: Cuello taught a virtual workshop at Writers & Books about how to use outside materials (letters, pictures, journals, etc.) to create new poetry.

November 2020: Cuello read (virtually) at Writers & Books. Video of the event.

September 2020: SWIMM is re-featuring “Foundation” this month!

August 2020: American Literary Review features a new poem from the Mary Shelley collection.

July 2020: On the Seawall includes three new poems: “The Contact Before Surgery,” “That shirt makes you a whore because it’s black,” and “Dotted Line.”

July 2020: A new Mary Shelley poem appears in American Poetry Journal.

July 2020: Three poems (“Stumic,” “Solgire,” and “I’m the Slut”) appear in Menacing Hedge.

July 2020: Tinderbox Poetry Journal features two new Mary Shelley poems.

May 2020: “Ode to Loneliness” appears in South Florida Poetry Journal (both text and voice recording).

May 2020: A poem from the new Mary Shelley series appears in Plume with an introduction by Jane Springer.

May 2020: Hear Cuello read some poems on WVRO’s Campbell Conversations.

May 2020: A new double review of Pricking and Hunt by Hannah VanderHart is featured in EcoTheo Review.

April 2020: Cuello has reviewed Jessica Q. Stark’s Savage Pageant in EcoTheo Review.

April 2020: Five poems from Cuello’s Letters of Mary Shelley series appear in Jet Fuel Review.

April 2020: Two new poems from the “Dear Creature” series appear in The Los Angeles Review.

April 2020: Interview with Courtney Dianne of The Decidedly Undecided blog.

March 2020: Video of Cuello reading at a virtual event at Writers & Books


October 2019: Featured in new anthology, After Moby-Dick. See press coverage.


2018: Winner of the New Ohio Review poetry prize, selected by Kevin Prufer.

April 2018: Finalist for The Lawrence Epstein Visiting Writer Award at SCCC Writing Festival .


2017: Pricking has been nominated for the 2017 CNY Book Award!

2017: Conversation with poet Jenna Le in Passages North.

April 2017: Write-up in The Washington Review of Books.

April 2017: Featured Poet on Natasha Moni’s Blog for Poetry Month.

Winter 2017: Article: “He thought the sea was his”: Gender and Ownership in Jessica Cuello’s second collection, Hunt.


November 2016: Nancy Chen Long’s Review of Pricking.

July 2016: Hunt has won The 2016 Washington Prize!


October 2015: Interview with Nancy Chen Long.

February 2015: “Material” featured on Verse Daily.

2015: “By Fire” has been included on Lauren Gordon’s “11 Best Books of 2014” in Up the Staircase Quarterly.

2015: Write-up on The Downtown Writers Poetry Series for 2015.


July 2014: “Material” and “Conversion: 1204” were set to music by composer Marco Giusto and performed by former student Adina Martin, soprano.