Graphic of "17 New Poetry Collections Releasing This Spring" featuring a grid of 12 book covers, including YOURS, CREATURE. The cover of YOURS CREATURE is an image of Munch's Madonna.

March 2023: Write or Die Magazine article “17 New Poetry Collections Releasing This Spring” features Yours, Creature.

February 2023: Cuello’s poem “Irene, Goodnight” was featured on Poetry Daily.

February 2023: Yours, Creature is ready for pre-order: @Bookshop ; @Amazon

January 2023: LIAR has won The 2022 Eugene Paul Nassar Prize given by Utica University! On April 20th, Cuello will give a reading and master class at the university. 


October 2022: Liar was named a finalist in the Housatonic Book Awards.

October 2022: Liar was named a longlist finalist for the Julie Suk Award with Jacar Press.

September 2022: Liar has won the CNY Book Award.

July 2022: Carrie Fountain has selected Cuello’s poem “At Five I Burned Down My Grandmother’s Bathroom.” for the Nina Riggs Poetry Award from Cave Wall.

March 2022: Community of Literary Magazines and Presses lists Liar as a recommended read for Women’s History Month.

February 2022: Liar is 6th on the SPD poetry bestsellers list.


Promotional graphic for the SWIMM Residency poets 2022: S Erin Batiste, Jessica Cuello, Jenny Qi, Heidi Seaborn, and Melissa Studdard
SWIMM residency graphic

December 2021: Awarded a SWWIM poet residency at The Betsy Hotel in Miami for October 2022.

December 2021: Two Mary Shelley poems were published in The Account along with an “account” by Cuello about the works.

December 2021: In a bed made of grass and Prayer published by Shenandoah.

September 2021: Liar is 2nd on the SPD poetry bestsellers list.

September 2021: Order Cuello’s new book, Liar.

August 2021: Poet Han VanderHart interviewed Cuello for Episode 1 of the On Poetry podcast.

August 2021: Two new poems appear in Moist Poetry Journal: “Our Mother Who Loved Strangers More” and “First Shower Ever on the Niagara Falls Church Trip.”

May 2021: JackLeg Press will publish Cuello’s manuscript of epistolary poems in the voice of Mary Shelley in January 2023. Poetry editor Simone Muench wrote that the “manuscript transcends its ostensible subject matter, spinning outward into issues related to feminism, textuality, motherhood, and monstrosity….These are heart-wrenching missives that unfurl with exquisite monstrosities.”

April 2021: The New Ohio Review has digitized “My Babysitter Karen B Who Was Sent to Willard Asylum” for their Winter 2020 Exclusive. Includes a new voice recording.

March 2021: “The Sitters” received an Honorable Mention for the 2021 RHINO Founder’s Prize, selected by Ed Roberson.


December 2020: Journal Nine has published a new “Dear Mother” poem from the Mary Shelley cycle.

November 2020: Dorianne Laux has selected Jessica Cuello’s manuscript, Liar, as the winner of the 2020 Barrow Street Book Prize! Forthcoming October 2021.

November 2020: “The Girl God” appears in Image journal.

November 2020: Cuello taught a virtual workshop at Writers & Books about how to use outside materials (letters, pictures, journals, etc.) to create new poetry.

November 2020: Cuello read (virtually) at Writers & Books. Video of the event.

September 2020: SWIMM is re-featuring “Foundation” this month!

August 2020: American Literary Review features a new poem from the Mary Shelley collection.

July 2020: On the Seawall includes three new poems: “The Contact Before Surgery,” “That shirt makes you a whore because it’s black,” and “Dotted Line.”

July 2020: A new Mary Shelley poem appears in American Poetry Journal.

July 2020: Three poems (“Stumic,” “Solgire,” and “I’m the Slut”) appear in Menacing Hedge.

July 2020: Tinderbox Poetry Journal features two new Mary Shelley poems.

May 2020: “Ode to Loneliness” appears in South Florida Poetry Journal (both text and voice recording).

May 2020: A poem from the new Mary Shelley series appears in Plume with an introduction by Jane Springer.

May 2020: Hear Cuello read some poems on WVRO’s Campbell Conversations.

May 2020: A new double review of Pricking and Hunt by Hannah VanderHart is featured in EcoTheo Review.

April 2020: Cuello has reviewed Jessica Q. Stark’s Savage Pageant in EcoTheo Review.

April 2020: Five poems from Cuello’s Letters of Mary Shelley series appear in Jet Fuel Review.

April 2020: Two new poems from the “Dear Creature” series appear in The Los Angeles Review.

April 2020: Interview with Courtney Dianne of The Decidedly Undecided blog.

March 2020: Video of Cuello reading at a virtual event at Writers & Books


October 2019: Featured in new anthology, After Moby-Dick. See press coverage.


2018: Winner of the New Ohio Review poetry prize, selected by Kevin Prufer.

April 2018: Finalist for The Lawrence Epstein Visiting Writer Award at SCCC Writing Festival .


2017: Pricking has been nominated for the 2017 CNY Book Award!

2017: Conversation with poet Jenna Le in Passages North.

April 2017: Write-up in The Washington Review of Books.

April 2017: Featured Poet on Natasha Moni’s Blog for Poetry Month.

Winter 2017: Article: “He thought the sea was his”: Gender and Ownership in Jessica Cuello’s second collection, Hunt.


November 2016: Nancy Chen Long’s Review of Pricking.

July 2016: Hunt has won The 2016 Washington Prize!


October 2015: Interview with Nancy Chen Long.

February 2015: “Material” featured on Verse Daily.

2015: “By Fire” has been included on Lauren Gordon’s “11 Best Books of 2014” in Up the Staircase Quarterly.

2015: Write-up on The Downtown Writers Poetry Series for 2015.


July 2014: “Material” and “Conversion: 1204” were set to music by composer Marco Giusto and performed by former student Adina Martin, soprano.